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About FungoSem

Toenail fungus is not only an aesthetic problem. You must be aware that this disease has a negative impact on your body and can cause serious complications for the immune system. You can get fungal infections in different places. Most often this occurs when walking barefoot on the ground or grass, in contact with an infected surface, with prolonged use of shoes and non-compliance with simple rules of personal hygiene. Also, a high risk of infection is possible through contact with infected people, during the manicure procedure, visiting the pool, gym, sauna and shower.

The first symptoms of the fungus are darkening or the appearance of a yellow tint, delamination and deformation of the nail. This may be accompanied by the appearance of cracks in the skin, as well as itching and redness on the heels and feet. Unfortunately, in 95% of cases, people do not pay attention to the first symptoms and go to the doctor only when the symptoms cannot be ignored.

The modern possibilities of science and medicine help to effectively and quickly neutralize this threat: without ointments, without antibiotics, without surgery. If you are looking for a really high-quality solution to the problem, we recommend FungoSem order. This is a unique product that has become a real bestseller and has taken first place in the ratings of antifungal products in many countries around the world. FungoSem Natural Supplement for nail fungus provides natural healing by improving the intestinal microflora and strengthening the immune system.

Beneficial features

FungoSem antifungal formula differs from its competitors in its unique set of useful substances and vitamins. This is a 100% organic complex that combines the latest scientific discoveries and ancient recipes of traditional Chinese medicine. Here's what's inside each capsule.

1. Point action.

Active substances instantly reach the focus of inflammation and neutralize the causative agent of fungal infection.

2. Destruction.

The formula has a devastating effect on the cellular structure of fungal spores, inhibiting the ability to further spread and damage new healthy tissues.

3. Improvement.

The product helps to get rid of characteristic symptoms, improves the condition of nails and skin, normalizes protective functions and strengthens the immune system.

4. Detoxification.

FungoSem capsules to Treat Toenail Fungus remove the remains of bacteria and infection from the body, as well as remove tissues destroyed by mycosis.

5. Recovery.

The product creates an unfavorable environment for the emergence of new infections or helps to avoid re-infection.

6. Regeneration.

Within 4-8 weeks, the formula renews damaged tissues, neutralizing threats and risks to your health.

7. Prevention.

FungoSem antifungal formula ideal for prevention and protection against possible infection with onychomycosis. The product increases the natural barrier to infections and viruses, improving health.

8. General health.

A wide range of nutrients and vitamins in these capsules have a beneficial effect on your body, improving the functioning of the digestive system.

How it Works

A comparative analysis FungoSem before and after of the application confirms numerous improvements in the condition of the nails and skin of the feet after completing the full course of application. There are at least 3 reasons why you should try this.

100% natural formula.

The capsules contain a combination of 8 herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals that are completely safe for most people. This expands the boundaries of the use of this dietary supplement in various fields of nutrition and medicine.

It's better than ointment

Any antifungal ointment acts superficially, but often does not remove the source of infection. If you decide FungoSem buy, you can be guaranteed to get a powerful positive effect at home and without harm to health.

Profitable price

This is indeed a fact. At FungoSem price much cheaper than the cost of many ointments or creams for toenail fungus. You can save even more if you order a 180-day supply, because then the cost of each bottle will be several times cheaper.


This is not surprising, since the product can only be ordered through the official website.
Yes. You can apply online and receive your order by mail within a few days.
Each bottle contains 60 small capsules that are easy to swallow with water.
Take the dietary supplement daily for 1-6 months. The daily norm is 2 capsules. Drink water.


But what do the buyers themselves think of these pills:

For women, nail fungus is much more dangerous than for men. I could not wear sandals properly and tried to hide my terrible feet from the surrounding eyes. Only when I started taking these capsules did I feel much better and the symptoms disappeared.

I spent a lot of time and money on various useless creams, deodorants, ointments and treatments. As a result, there were no improvements. But these capsules helped me get rid of onychomycosis in just 2 months!

I don’t know where I could have contracted the fungus, but this problem is very complex and unpleasant. I went to many doctors, but most of the prescribed treatments did not help. Luckily, this natural remedy was recommended to me. I have been taking the capsules for over 4 months now and have not experienced any signs of fungus yet.


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